Monday, 23 January 2012

Get Lots of Backlinks Easily

Link building is the key to getting to the top of any search engine results page (SERPs), but in particular google. Many experts claim that 20% or search engine optimisation (SEO) work is done on page and the rest is off page, the majority of which is backlinks. I think now that almost anyone who has researched SEO knows enough about on page techniques that it is more a case of it being a hindrance if you have not done the right things, than a benefit if you have done them.

Therefore this leaves building backlinks as being the key to boosting your page or site in SERPs. There are so many articles on this subject that to simply repeat the basics would be repetitive and useless, so instead I will share my experience in building backlinks through blog comment posting. Many people may discount blog comment posting as nearly all comments are 'nofollow' however there is a great article that argues otherwise here - Nofollow links do have value.

However I do agree with most on the other aspects of article posting: make sure your post adds something and is interesting otherwise it will probably be deleted as spam and is very irritating for bloggers. Furthermore make sure it is something you are interested in as a backlink from the same niche will benefit you and your post will then benefit everyone else if you are an expert/interested in that niche!

My tips are fairly practical. Obviously if you find a PR8 blog with dofollow comments then post on it. These tips are more for everyday posting on standard blogs, probably PR0 - PR2 with 'nofollow' comments.

So, onto my tips for blog comment backlinks. These are by no means complicated but should get you the best output for your time commenting.

  1. Firstly look for blogs with recent comments widgets. From one post on these I have seen 700+ backlinks, even if they have been nofollow, however I did get 700+ backlinks from a PR3 site in the same niche which did help my search results. The problem is that the bigger and more popular the site the less time you will stay on the recent comments part, so bear that in mind.
  2. Another way to get lots of backlinks from posts - and a more permanent way - is to find blogs with most comment widgets, so that if you log in and comment on several articles then you will permanently appear in the widget and get a link to your site. Again this is easier on smaller sites where there is less competition.
  3. My final tip for today is to recommend that you bookmark every page you comment on. Then go back a few weeks later and check if your comment was approved and whether it was approved (there are loads off add ons for browsers to automatically check nofollow links), and if it was then add it to a bookmark list or file and use it for future sites.

Most of these tips are fairly practical, but I think that SEO is all about perseverance, unfortunately there is no magic trick unless you have an incredible idea.  There are also other necessary practices such as article posting and guest blogging, but I hope these tips help! 

Please submit comments with your tips, I do have a recent comments widget so you may benefit, but I do check comments as well so no spamming!

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